Sacred Creation art

✧ Sacred Creation art ✧

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This service is being presented to activate your Divine Sparkle. Sacred Creation art is a personalized high-frequency art piece where a sacred inner space, a sacred landscape is being broadcast. Within this sacred space, you can meet deeper parts of yourself and it activates your Divine Sparkle.

It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to create a Sacred Creation art. During the creation process, I will keep you posted on the development. With the Sacred Creation art, you’ll receive the art piece in a high-quality digital image, with a PDF with an explanation.

Extra option, an activation meditation via voice recorder. Where I guide you on an activation meditation journey and bring light language through.

✧ I highly recommend a physical version of your customized light code. Gazing and meditation frequently with it will enhance consciousness expansion. My preference goes out to canvas. Other options are print or plexiglass. ✧


  • Sacred Creation art in high-quality image
  • PDF with channeled messages