Eagle Phoenix

Thank you for the transforming Light Language artwork and recording, the message brought me to tears as it reaffirmed the love that surrounds me, which is a very welcome message. The gentle reminder that my worth and talents reside in me and having a focus point for me to start gaining a stronger connection to my creative God-given talents has inspired me to continue and strengthen my soul being.
You mentioned I had healing hands, which I’ve had a knowing of however didn’t understand, the transmission provided me with basic guidance on gaining a connection to that. Which is greatly appreciated.

I was blown away by how much care and love you put into the transmission. You mentioned it took a few sessions of work on your part and you could feel when the work was completed.
The result of a light language recording of the message, the beautiful codes, and artwork in so much detail I’ve needed to zoom in to see the intricacies. You are a blessing. 

Much love and infinite blessings. 

Sirius Mermaid

I received a Healing Art from Chamera, which really resonated with me. In terms of colors and images but also next to the beautiful artwork, I received a reading in which I was taken into the subconscious.
She immediately tells what she gets through, pure, honest, in clear language with humor, love, and light.
I still listen to it regularly! It really is a gift to yourself! 

Thank you dear Chamera!

Much love,

Soul journey testimonial

I received a personal light language song from Chamera. Goosebumps and a tickle on the top of my head just from pronouncing my name.

Then it seems like a special journey where past lives are visited.

Indian singing, but also a very high and intensely loud singing, immediately resonates at soul level!

Gently, lovingly and with respect, Chamera sits down and records her process. What a special gift this is! A unique experience that I definitely recommend.

Thank you Chamera!


Soul journey testimonial

Chamera recorded a personal light language activation for me which resonated completely. With vocals, drums, hand symbolism, and light language she knew exactly what I was working with at that moment. A nice confirmation and at the same time also a recording that I can listen back to more often to confirm what is needed now.
Very nice that Chamera also explains what she experienced during the activation and the meaning of the gestures and sounds.
Thank you dear Chamera for your contribution and beautiful soul.