Mandala Light code

Mandala Light Code

Intentional art | Light Code’s | Sacred space | Highest purpose | Divine focus | Sacred Geometry

A new service I am excited to launch to you all, Mandala Light code. A singular Mandala created from your highest intention.

Light codes, channeled art forms are holding strong intentions that connect you to the Divine, oneness consciousness, or Source energy. By resonance, they connect with you and speak to your soul. That is why when a Light code touches you, the connection has a soul resonance, it speaks to your heart and with your higher self.

With the Mandala, you’ll receive the art piece in a high-quality digital image, with a PDF with an explanation.

✧ I highly recommend a physical version of your customized light code. Gazing and meditation frequently with it will enhance consciousness expansion. My preference goes out to canvas. Other options are print or plexiglass. ✧


Mandala Template
Soul Family
Mandala Template
Heart-brain coherency
Mandala Template
Union code

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✧ After ordering your custom art, share via the contact form your information:
– Full name
– Your Sacred intention | Focus point