Light Language art

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Light language art, channeled art forms are holding strong intentions that connect the observer to one’s Higher Self, the Divine, oneness consciousness, or Source energy.

Light codes are high-frequency art forms that speak to the layers of subconsciousness. Therefore one can experience a heartfelt expansion, a sense of strong grounding or they feel tingles in the third eye by gazing for a few seconds or minutes at the art piece.

The custom art forms that I offer on my website are created by holding a strong focus on the highest intentions for my client or for the human collective & our beloved Gaia. The expression that is for the moment the highest in service to the individual, will be presented through the art form. It is a beautiful and powerful way to get in deeper contact and astral travel with your Galactic Self & Family of Light. 

Print your Light codes
and elevate the energy in your room

I highly recommend getting a physical version of your customized light code. Gazing and meditation frequently with it will enhance consciousness expansion. My preference goes out to canvas. Other options are print or plexiglass.

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