Galactic Portrait

Galactic Portrait

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A Galactic portrait is a portal where you can meet your Galactic Self via digital art. The Galactic Self is the expression of the higher self, spirit guides, multidimensional aspects, angelic DNA, galactic star family or ancient ancestors.

The expression that is for the moment the highest in service to the individual, will be presented through the art form. It is a beautiful and powerful way to get in deeper contact and astral travel with your Galactic Self & Family of Light. 

✧ € 444,- ✧

  • Galactic portrait in high-quality image
  • PDF with healing information & channeled messages


+ Zoom session FREE
Value € 66,-
Light session
1 on 1
45min via ZOOM
For deeper integration light codings & light language activation

I highly recommend getting a physical version of your customized light code. Gazing and meditation frequently with it will enhance consciousness expansion.

My preference goes out to canvas. Other options are print or plexiglass.

Example: Your unique Light code, radiation in your room.

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– Full name
– Your Sacred intention | Focus point
– Send photo via social media DM, if you ordered Galactic portrait