About me

✧ Chamera ✧

My name is ✧ Chamera
I am a Human Galactic traveler
I am a light language channeler & artist
and I guide magnificent Souls on soul journey’s

I am deeply passionate to assist humanity’s ascending process, anchoring the 5th dimension on our beloved Gaia, and building the foundation for the New Earth. It is my Soul’s mission to create light language art & healing modalities together with my Galactic Star Family, that speaks to your soul and remind you of your Divine Nature.

✧ Light codes, the maps of our Soul

Light codes works activating for our Divine remembrance
They unlock doormat DNA and open us up to our multidimensional aspects
Light language is a way to communicate with our Family of Light
And to become aware of our part in the universe-multiverse as a Divine Sparkle

I see and receive Light codes in different ways. Often I see in my inner visions golden treats or golden writings. In sacred spaced, written on strolls, coming to the surface from sacred waters or I receive them in dream time.
Sometimes I open up to receive new codes via opening my physical body. I love when that happens. I used to figure skate on a high level and taught different styles of yoga. With movement and dancing is where my Spirit comes Home.

From this inner state, I can receive messages and sacred light codes from our beloved brothers and sister from the stars that are serving in the rising of the consciousness of humanity. All creations are being created from here, the zero point, a neutral place of being. My intentions start to function as dragons gliding through the dimensions straight forward towards the focus point or goal and pull in messages from the Divine.

It is a blessing to receive Light codes and co-create with magnificent Souls.
Together we raise the consciousness of the human collective and we evolve together with our beloved Gaia as children from the Divine.

White Lion, Lyra
Dragon in Sacred Temple
Light Essence fairy – Canvas

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Facebook: Chamera Chan Jong Chu
Instagram: Chameralightlanguage

I share a lot of my work on my pages and share downloads I receive about specific codings.
Would love to connect with you and see you Shine your Divine Spark on social platforms.

Much love,